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Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson is a nationally recognized nightclub/bar consultant who specializes in multi-unit management of nightclubs/bars and bartending. He is a 53-year veteran of the bar business and is best known for his publications, “The Encyclopedia of Shooters”, which launched the shooter revolution worldwide, and for creating America’s first certification program for bar managers – CBM (Certified Bar Manager). He is the former Professor of Bar Management at Florida International University, Miami, Florida, and is presently a featured columnist for many bar business magazines. He has been a featured speaker at over 30 beverage related expos and trade shows, coast to coast. Bob recently created a “School of Bartending for Veterans” – a program that trains recently discharged and unemployed Veterans to become a bartender (a 1 week course – free of charge for Veterans).

Contact Bob at, or by phone, at (800) 447-4384.