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Bob Johnson

Bob originated/created industry related programs for the nightclub/bar industry:

1) Inventory Control System. Tracks every ounce of beer, liquor, wine and champagne – daily! 1982 to Present.
2) Certified Bar Management Seminars (CBM), “coast to coast”! 1995 – 2002. Supported and endorsed by IFSEA (International Food Service Executives Association). Over 3,000 Bar Managers and Owners attended)
3) Tracking Shots. An inventory control theft preventive technique that holds bartenders accountable for measuring/pouring liquor correctly.
4) Created “School of Bartending for Veterans”, a 5-day training program that gives recently discharged Veterans a skill to help them gain employment quickly and rejoin society – at no charge!

Mr. Johnson is the author of 9 books on bar management and bartending i.e., ADD – A – DRINK (drink recipe guide for bartenders), Running A Successful Bar (for Bar Managers, 237 pgs.), Daily Log Books for Bars (Security, Management, Bartender), Bartender Theft – Revealed and Analyzed, Bourbon Street Experience (Drink Recipe Guide for Bartenders), Manage Your Bar My Way (for managers 278 pgs.), and Encyclopedia of Shooters (Volume I and II). He has taught a mobile bartending school (a 5-day program) and a 5-hour Bar Management Workshop, from 1985 to Present,

Bob has published over 70 Bartender/Bar Manager magazine articles for Bar Business magazine, Club Bulletin, Southern Beverage Journal, Bowling Center Industry magazine, Entrepreneur magazine and the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association magazine.

Bob Johnson has personally certified and trained over 3,000 bartenders with his 5-day Bartender School and over 1,200 Bar Managers with his Bar Manager Workshop program. He is presently working as a consultant to the nightclub/bar industry at large!

Mr. Johnson can be reached via email at, and on the phone, at (800) 447-4384.