Bob the Bar Guy

Bob Johnson's School of Bar Management


Mr. Johnson has personally trained over 3,000 bar owners and managers the past 9 years as a consultant and seminar director. He specializes in cost control methods that make food and beverage businesses more successful and profitable.
Bob works with members of the National Licensed Beverage Association, the Bowling Proprietors Association, the Hotel/Motel Association and numerous State Restaurant Associations. He is a 50 year veteran of the nightclub/bar business and is the former Professor of Beverage Management at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.
He has the ability to see the entire picture, pinpoint operational deficiencies and, more importantly, offer solutions to the problems.

Mr. Johnson’s rate is negotiable. It’s based on how much he can increase your profit margin.

Beverage Management Services presents Inventory Control for Bars!

We will set you up with an inventory control system that takes less than one hour to count!

Alcoholic Beverages Bar Beer

Bottled Beer

You will be provided with inventory control forms and a system of accountability that will account for EVERY bottle of beer in your bar, daily and weekly. You will know when you are missing bottles of beer every day.

Draft Beer

We have a system of accounting for draft beer that reduces your waste per keg to less than 5%! The national average for draft beer keg waste is 20%, and more!


Our system for controlling liquor inventory is unique to the industry. We eliminate your excess liquors and establish a bottle arrangement system that simplifies counting, increases drink sales and makes it easier to tend bar.


Controlling every ounce of wine dispensed is guaranteed using our system of wine control.


“I opened a food and beverage outlet in my bowling center, hired a GM to run it, and made no profit after 6 months of $26,000 a week sales. Sales are wonderful, but unless the controls are in place, why bother? Bob Johnson came to our property and in 3 days figured out our problems and gave us a plan we could succeed with. I am overwhelmed by what he did for us.”
Doug Patrick, Bowl 2000. Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“I hired a consulting service in Michigan for my newly opened 9,000 square foot, hi-tech nightclub. They charged me $10,000 for a two day analysis. Then I attended a Bob Johnson seminar on how to run a bar. He answered all the questions that my overpriced consulting service could not. They didn’t know enough about the bar part of the business. Mr. Johnson does. I don’t think many people understand or know what Mr. Johnson can do for a business.”
Roger Brico, Club Metropolis. Detroit, Michigan