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My Mission

It’s easy to pinpoint the reasons bars go under:

1) lack of management skills
2) lack of cash flow.

The lack of cash flow is usually created by the lack of management skills. A good bar consultant can do a lot to prevent the lack of management skills. He can show the managers how to be better at what they do.

I can help you!


Full of insights and actionable tips, Bob’s books are the best and most affordable investment you can make for your business today.


With topics ranging from inventory to theft and cost control, you will learn from the best and maximize your bar’s profits!


I will show you cost control methods that will make your business more successful and profitable.


Experience Matters

“I opened a food and beverage outlet in my bowling center, hired a GM to run it, and made no profit after 6 months of $26,000 a week sales. Sales are wonderful, but unless the controls are in place, why bother? Bob Johnson came to our property and in 3 days figured out our problems and gave us a plan we could succeed with. I am overwhelmed by what he did for us.”
Doug Patrick, Bowl 2000
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
“I hired a consulting service in Michigan for my newly opened 9,000 square foot, hi-tech nightclub. They charged me $10,000 for a two day analysis. Then I attended a Bob Johnson seminar on how to run a bar. He answered all the questions that my overpriced consulting service could not. They didn’t know enough about the bar part of the business. Mr. Johnson does. I don’t think many people understand or know what Mr. Johnson can do for a business.”
Roger Brico, Club Metropoli
s. Detroit, Michigan