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Workshops: Where do you learn to run a bar?

Until now, there’s never been an industry approved Bar Management course available to on premise licensees’ that offer immediate improvement and solutions to every day bar operations and problems!

Participating in Bob Johnson’s BAR MANAGEMENT 5-HOUR WORKSHOP could save tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs or potential legal costs, and it could add 3-5 years of experience overnight!  The WORKSHOP is a compilation of Bob Johnson’s 51 years of experiences, consulting, research, “trial and error” – and information from many knowledgeable owners, bar managers and fellow workers from across the country.

There are no schools, vocational or collegiate, that teach you how to run a nightclub/bar. You simply learn by the “seat of your pants” – and that costs money, time and loss of respect!

Formal education and training for owners/bar managers of nightclubs and bars is long overdue, and, until now, literally overlooked by the hospitality industry.

BAR MANAGEMENT 5-HOUR WORKSHOPS are conducted by nationally recognized bar management expert and consultant Bob Johnson, a 51-year veteran of the bar business, author of 9 beverage management/bartender books, the former professor of Beverage Management at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, trade show/expo speaker at over 30 expos and a featured columnist for Bar Business Magazine, Club Bulletin Magazine, the Southern Beverage Journal, numerous state Restaurant Magazines and many more.


The BAR MANAGEMENT 5-HOUR WORKSHOP for owners/managers is divided into 5 sections.  Each section is critical to the overall success of any nightclub/bar.  The information found in each section can be used immediately!


HUMAN RESOURCES – Hiring, firing, interviewing, disciplining, job descriptions, evaluations, legal terminations, orientation checklist, New Hire packet development, labor analysis, etc.


BEVERAGE CONTROL – Setting up inventory controls for bottled beer, draft beer, wine, liquor, non-alcoholic beverages, etc., learning how to do a PC% (Pour Cost Percentage), what creates a high PC% and why, purchasing techniques, correct ways to order and receipt product, etc.


BARTENDER THEFT – The 52 ways bartenders can rob you blind!  Defend yourself with knowledge about how bartenders could possibly put you out of business!  Learn the 52 ways you can deter theft!


MANAGING BARTENDERS and WAITPERSONS – How to properly serve beer and liquor,  handling garnishes legally, correct glassware, opening/closing procedures, bartender checklists, daily bottle beer counts, cleaning schedules (including disinfectants/sanitizer, cleaning pandemic requirements, etc.)


POTPOURRI – Legal issues (laws related to the nightclub/bar industry), pricing drinks correctly (and profitably), analyzing labor costs, how to increase sales, handling intoxicated customers, the physiology of alcohol, eliminating fights, the best way to get your customers to come back again and again, etc.


If you can’t make the 5 Hour Workshop, consider purchasing the textbook – MANAGE YOUR BAR MY WAY that contains all the information presented at the Workshop (258 pages – $49.00 plus $6 Shipping/Handling).
Payable by check only, made payable to: BEVERAGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES and mailed to: Bob Johnson, P. O. Box 1050, Clearwater, SC 29822